Another statement of the Queen of Fashion Punkas far as posting on the Web sticks to the truth – goes:

“I can't see how anyone would object to a lady at the height of her beauty without any clothes on whatsoever,”...

(so far that is true, even when she seems to boldly and unselfishly act against the interest of her own business at least or sexual appearance of herself, but mostly she obviously follows the oh so avant guarde fashion trend to promote and display as much tittie tissue or other pushed-up succulences of primary sex characteristics as possible. But let me ask you: Does this statement include that she would object to nakedness of people not at the height of their beauty whose outer selves begin to sag and grey or of the ones of us not overly provided with physical attraction?)

... but, I would say it's even better with a pair of high heeled shoes!

And here, dear Vivvie, my imagination starts to run wild. How very much daring your fine tuned view – or may I say "vision" – is! Could it be that we need your help to raise our blood pressure and our Peters as well? Or are in desperate need of a marital aid only you can proffer? That you are therewith providing us with verbal and optical Viagra?

Have you ever seen the deformed, obviously hurting toes of old women hallux , pressed into and over each other from a lifetime of wearing those foolproof aphrodisiaci? Did you just once observe the enlarged and disabused articulationes metatarsophalangae of ladies beyond their thirties bulging through the delicate leather of their walking appliances? Have you ever as a consequence of your suggestion pointed at deformations of the vertebrae lumbales and pelvis, the shortened sinews and muscles on the backside of the shanks, the piles of pills against headache migraine and headache from spinal misposture?

For me this attitude, and the fact that it is so easily promotable and promoted at all, somehow borders on the tradition of the painfully lengthened giraffe-necks with some native African tribes, the crippling effect of bandaging the feet of young girls till they are later on unable even to walk in pre-communistic China, of clitorectomy cliterectomy enforced on native girls in other social retarded, especially men-dominated areas.

But maybe I didn't get it right and you only meant that the "lady" would be just wearing the aforementioned high-heeled shoes on her head for postponed consumption in dire need for nourishment like Charle Chaplin in "Goldrush"? Or shall we envision this scene as "Lady Holding Receptacles for Champagne while Invisible Man is Popping the Cork"?